Philantropic Joy Factor Discovery & Strategic Planning

Do you feel frustrated in your giving? Are you asking questions such as:

  • Am I really giving to the right causes?
  • How do I know if I’m doing the most good?
  • Is there a better way?
  • Why am I not experiencing joy in my giving?
  • Am I just being used?

These questions are common among philanthropists.

Much of humanity is interested in helping others. For high net worth individuals who are trying to discern a path of philanthropy that matches their character and aspiration, how to do this is not always easy discernible. For these individuals, discovering what is at the intersection of capacity and moral purpose clarifies what truly is the individual’s deeper purpose.

Discovering Joy Factors is a CoxNichols process to assist philanthropists in discerning the foundations and core aspects of what brings them joy in helping others. CoxNichols walks alongside you and your family to recall your psychological and sociological journey in your childhood and youth that brought you joy.

The process culminates with the identification of those innate “joy factors” then segues into the development of a philanthropic strategic plan focused on finding and experiencing philanthropic joy.


Focusing on those things that truly matter which bring philanthropic joy through human flourishing, beauty, and mutual nourishment.

Our Process


Formative Foundational Elements

Identify those formative foundational elements by asking questions such as “what is your earliest family memory of giving and volunteering? What are some of the practices of faith and giving that you remember from your childhood?



Consider life experiences that have shaped who you are today and how those are intertwined with understanding what can bring joy in helping others.



Help you understand what brings you joy and happiness.


Life Legacy

Guide you to live your legacy in fullness today through an intensive strategic planning process.



Give you a proactive map that enables you to identify with the fate of others, express gratitude for blessings, and achieve deeper effectiveness and significance simultaneously for you, your family, and others.

Start The Process Today

We want to support you in finding joy in the fulfillment of your altruistic goals.

We appreciate Larry Cox’s leadership and guidance in helping the Latimer Foundation to be better stewards of the resources that the Lord has given us. His advice on due diligence and strategic planning has helped us to be proactive in sharing with others. He brings not only experience and competency to the table, but also a philosophy of stewardship that is solidly biblical. We recommend him to other families and foundations.

The Bill and Carol Latimer Charitable Foundation