Philanthropic Best Practices

Not adhering to philanthropic best practices can create a costly, inefficient, and unresponsive grant making or gift-making process that stymies the overall impact of the gift.

  • What does a well-run philanthropic organization look like?
  • How should a philanthropist measure the impact of their philanthropic gifts?
  • What indicators really matter and how can a philanthropist define “impact?”

Identifying and pursuing best practices is common in the for-profit sector, but it can be somewhat nebulous in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. Understanding philanthropic best practices, including those related to nonprofits served, supports informed decision-making in a systematic process that focuses on the organization as well as costs, benefits, and risks of those served.

CoxNichols walks beside you to establish philanthropic best practices through a number of predefined criteriaThese criteria assist philanthropists in ensuring their organization is operating efficiently, and that their charitable gifts are delivering the greatest benefit possible. Our process is built upon trust, transparency, and mutual sharing for all involved.

CoxNichols helps our clients ask the correct strategic organizational questions, make the needed adjustments, and measure overall philanthropic impact.

Giving Smart and From the Heart…

CoxNichols’ Process of Philanthropic Best Practices


Best Practice Model

Develop a best practice philanthropic model as it relates to leadership, governance, accounting, finance, communication, marketing, and branding.


Provide Assurance

Achieve peace of mind that philanthropic initiatives align with stated joy factors.



Help set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant, and develop measures that will drive progress toward those goals.


Impact Measurement

Ascertain if the related programming is effective at achieving its intended outcomes.


Return on Investment

Help the philanthropist understand the ROI as it relates to measurable change in knowledge, attitude, and behavior of those served.


The Greatest Good

Ensure that the philanthropist’s funds are being used for the greatest good.

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